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KO Boxing along with Independent Jewellers held another first class event at the Shaw Conference Centre on Friday September 13th,2013 Claggett NEW NCC Welterweight Champion Calgary's own Steve Claggett 16-2-1 has reached a pugilistic milestone, winning his first Canadian professional boxing title.This was not an easy task as Quebec's Frankie Cotroni 7-2-0 brought all of his skills to the table in this classic matchup. Cotroni came out hard from the first bell while Claggett remained calm, cool, and very focused. The first two rounds fans saw Cotroni pressure Claggett through walking him backwards and landing a nice overhand right in the process. Claggett established his jab In round three Cotroni threw some good combinations but his power shots seemed to miss their mark. Claggett landed some very clean shots including his patented left to the body Round four Cotroni landed 2 nice rights but started loading up on his shots. Claggett made him miss and pay the price with an uppercut and another hard left to the body. Round five was an all action round between these two with Claggett getting the upper hand through a couple of body shots that a great poker face could not hide, he did hurt Cotroni. Cotroni did connect with a couple of uppercuts. Cotroni would head to his corner at the end of the round with a bloody nose. In the sixth round after methodically breaking down Cotroni for the first five rounds, Claggett picked up his pace and had Cotroni well beaten against the ropes. Cotroni's corner had seen enough and waved the white towel calling a halt to this match from referee Don Smart. The ending to this match in this fashion did not sit well with many including myself. This was for a friggin Championship i thought. After thinking about it for a few minutes it was the right decision from the Cotroni corner, they know their fighter and what Cotroni can handle. These men and women who fight for this honour do not get paid enough to be screwed up for life, or worse. Frankie Cotroni will thankfully fight again, another day, another time. Steve"The Dragon" Claggett is "THE NEW" CANADIAN WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION by way of TKO @ 2:38 of round 6. Congratulations Steve.

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