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Phil Rose TKO's Adam Trupish @ 1:57 of round 5
The fight business can be unforgiving as the once highly touted Adam Trupish was relegated to a sparring partner for Whitby Ontario's Phil Rose. You have to give credit where credit is due. Rose had a game plan and stuck with it through constant pressure, overhand lefts and hard rights.
Rose staggered Trupish a few times throughout the fight but in the 5th round after many unanswered blows, Referee Len Koivisto mercifully waved off this one sided affair.
There is no doubt a little less than 2 years ago this end result would never have happened.
At that time Trupish KO'd a very qualified fighter named Darryl Cunningham(25-3-0) in the 5th round. So what happened since that time?
#1 After reaching the pinnacle in Canadian boxing Trupish could not find fights and in hopes to further his career. Coach John Mendonca gave up the rights to the race car(Trupish)and he was picked up by a promoter from the States
#2 Trupish moved to the U.S. and was turned into a sparring partner for more experienced boxers of all different weight classes. aka - a living punching bag.
#3 After being used and abused for almost a year of sparring only, Trupish was beat down by Dashon Johnson(13-10-3) in Richmond, BC. Phil Rose used this game plan but did it in 5 rounds, not 7.
Should Trupish continue?
Why should he? He is not going to get any better than he once was while in the hands of John Mendonca. There is nothing left to prove.
Congratulations to Phil Rose on his victory. Perhaps a passing of the torch?
Rose is now 5-2-1, Trupish 11-2-0

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