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Mackenzie Retires After Knocking Out Bull?
Edmonton's own fan favorite friendly fighter Paul "P-Mac" Mackenzie 4-0-1 admitted he did not train much for this fight against Taylor Bull 2-2-0 but this didn't stop him from finishing his young ...professional boxing career by way of KO. The ever dangerous MacKenzie was in with a very game Bull tonight. Taylor Bull landed more punches in this fight than anyone ever has. After a small exchange in the 4th round Mackenzie got serious and threw a right hand followed by a devastating left that caught Bull flush sending him crashing to the canvas for a little siesta. The jubilant MacKenzie gave fans what they came to see, a KO victory. This fight ended at the 40 second mark of round 4 after referee Len Koivisto counts out Bull.
Just shy of his 22nd birthday, Paul "P-Mac" Mackenzie is calling it a pro boxing career(6-0-1) as he persues a steady income type career. All the best to you in your future endeavers Paul.See More

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